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I loved the Cenipede and Millipede for the Atari 2600  the game that came out in 1980).  It was so good, that I had to make a whole Atari website and put that on it!  If you would like to go to it, click on the link below-


Centipede and Millipede aren't actually on there yet, but right now, it has Donkey Kong and Battle Zone!

So now let's compare games- the 1980 version and the new, 2011 version...

You could tell the difference, right?   However, it seems fun!  You could move in up to 360 directions compared to just left and right!  I would love to get this game!  If you look carefully, it's still the same idea.  Both of the pictures have spiders, and both are made by Atari.   

Below are the boxes and a video of the game.

Oh, and now compare that to this... 

This game will come out on Halloween 2011! (October 31st, 2011).  Atari probably did that because the game hs to do with bugs! 

If you love Atari and/ or Centipede games, click on the link below-


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