We all know who Nintendo is.  Over the years, since 1977, Nintendo began selling their own videogame systems.  Below is a list of systems made my Nintendo in age order.  (This list isn't complete yet)



Above is the Nintendo Color TV Sytem.  It was sold beginning on 1977.  To learn more, click HERE. 



Above is a Nintendo Game And Watch, Nintendo's first line of portable systems.  It was sold beggining on 1990.  Although this is not the first game for the system, I chose it because the DS was based of of this (double screens).   To learn more, click HERE.



Above is  the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  In Japan, it was released in 1983, but it was released 2 years later in the U.S.  To learn more, click HERE.



 Above is the Nintendo Game Boy.  It was released in 1989.  To learn more, click HERE.




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