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 This game is just like Mario Kart DS, only with better graphics, customizable karts, the ability to ride under water, drive in first person, and have the ability to fly though the air. Just like some of the newer Mario Kart games, this will contain courses old and new. The course so far seen on the DS, Luigi's Mansion, will probably be one of those courses because of the upcoming game, Luigi's Mansion 2.  A new item for this game is throwing fire balls (see the bottom video below).  And also, not so important, characters will be able to pick up coins as they drive, something not seen since the 1992 game Super Mario Kart.

The game will also include new characters, such as Metal Mario,

and Lakitu.

Which one will be better- Mario Kart Wii U or Mario Kart 7...

Only time will tell!


Below are some screen shots and videos of the game.

This game will be released December 4th, 2011. 

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