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This game is pretty good.  In Paper Mario N64 and Game Cube you could only run left and right. In the Wii version, you could choose if you could walk only right and left or to walk in 8 directions. Now, in this game, and all other 3DS and Wii U games, you could move in 360- directions!  So, that should be fun, right?  The only thing I could think of that is bad is how could make a paper Mario 3-D? You can't make drawings on paper 3 dimentional, so what will Mario look like when the 3-D feature is on?  I just wish 3DS games were playable on the regular DS...

So far, there is no official box art, so here is what the box might look like...

Below are some pictures of gameplay- 

Below is a video of the game from IGN-

The release date has not been announced yet. 

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