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 In 1996, Nintendo came out wih one of the greatest games of all ime- Super Mario 64.

 However, one question rose- where is Luigi?  After players seached for 14 years, Nintendo finally said that Luigi was set to release in the game, but never did.

Here is a fake video about supposedly finding Luigi... 

 Now, why is the title of this section called "Purple Prizes"?


Well, this game was SO good, so, just like Ocorina Of Time 3DS, and Diddy Kong Racing DS, Nintendo decided to have a DS remake of the game in 2004, and the game is still in stores today.

As you could see by looking at the cover of the game,  Super Mario 64 DS not only includes Mario and Luigi, but also Wario and Yoshi. 

However, 2 questions rose.

1. What is the "2-D black box" doing in the file selection screen?  It doesn't exist in the real game.

 If it was just a mistake by Nintendo, could the black box be real, but just in a different locotion?  I actually found it! But I'm not telling where it is! But a more powerful question rose-

2. Where's Waluigi?

 Everyone probably figured that Waluigi is in the game, because his brothe Wario is.  There are such weird methods to getting him. Go check it out on Youtube, there are only methods and fake pictures, but no gameplay!

But one of the best methods of them all- PURPLE PRIZES!

This was origionaly created as a 2005 April Fools joke, but still a lot of people beleive it.

I have 150 stars on my ds, but I still can't find Waluigi, only the stupid 2-D black box.

Some people think you have to flood the castle.

Others think you have to get a certain amount of coins.

Here is a video showing more different methods. 

Below are some Waluigi pictures. 

Baby Waluigi is from the fake game Diaper Duty. (see Games We Wish Were Real)

If you like Waluigi and wan to play his game, click on the link below-


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