We all know that the Nintendo DS is a dead system, or is about to become one.   Probably the last GOOD DS game ever was Kirby Mass Effect.  But now what?  I actually don't want a 3DS because it is really bad for your eyes.            (You won't beleive your eyes... WHEN THEY FALL OUT........)  I made that up myself!!!  So, some of you probably konw that Nintendo stopped making a few DS games, like....

1.  Yoshi's Island DS

2.  Diddy Kong Racing DS 

3.  Donkey Kong Jungle Climber 

4.  Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2 March of the Minis

(the image is from IGN) 

 5.  Kirby Squeak Squad

6.   Kirby Canvas Curse

There are many more... However, look at the 2 games on the top of this list.  Yoshi's Island DS and Diddy Kong Racing DS.  For some reason I went to toysrus.com and found these games listed there as a "completely new game that never was seen on Earth before." This didn't make sense. Nintendo never said anything about rereleasing these games. Plus, if you look on nintendo.com, and searxh these 2 and then try to order it, it won't work! And even if Nintendo DID rerelease them, it wouldn't show up as a "completely new game that never was seen on Earth before," because TOYS"R"US sold it a couple years ago. Once, something happened like this before... I waned to order the $150 Lego set, Fire Brigade. It was free shipping. Once I ordered it and they charged me for it, they said this item could was not in stock. And they charged me for shipping.  could this have happened again?  I decided to find out.  I guess I wasn't expecting to actually get these 2 games, because I was pretty surprised when I saw the reciept.  Here's some advice.  Don't order these games until I actually get them in the mail.  Once I get them, I will tell you right below........



Woops!  I completely forgot all about this website! The games came about a week ago.  Yoshi's Island DS was not as fun as I expected, however Diddy Kong Racing DS was AMAZING!  The games were both $30 each.

To order Yoshi's Island DS, click on the link below: 

To order Diddy Kong Racing DS, click on the link below: 

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