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This is going to be a great game! I just hope it is better than Twighlight Princess ( that was my least favorite Zelda game)


For those Zelda fans who want free Zelda games, I finally made the "Link"! Get it!


This game will come out in 2 forms- the one you see above, withe the golden wiimote plus, and the one you see below, without the wiimote. 

If you look at the cover (or below), you will find it says that the wii motion plus is nessesary to play this game. So either way, whether you are getting the bundle or the regular version, you will be getting the stupid add-on. 

 And by the way, did I mention that if you buy the bundle or the regular version, it comes with a free sound track disk? It will kind of be like the Super Mario: All Stars Limited Edition Wii where it came with a sound track disk containing music from 25 years before.


This game will be coming out November 20th 2011. 

If you like Zelda games and would like to play them for free, click on the link below-


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