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WOW! This is Nintendo's newest home console, and it is amazing! 

It has a HUGE controller, with an amazing touch screen!  The controller also has a camera. 

Aren't the graphics amazing? It is HD!  The system will have backwards capability on all Wii games; however, Game Cube games will not be playable. Instead, they will be available on the Wii U shop channel! (See Virtual Console)  

(See New Super Mario Bros. Mii for more) 

Here are games listed so far-

1. New Super Mario Bros Mii 

2. Super Smash Bros. Universe- The info was just leaked by Nintendo accidently as I was writing this!  Millions of websites right now are writing about this! (See Super Smash Bros. Universe for more)

3. Pikmin Wii U 

4. Mario Kart Wii U 

 5. Dirt Wii U

 6. Legend Of Paper Zelda (possibly)

And there are many more! 

Below is a demonstration of the Wii U.

Below is a graphics demo. 

  This system is supposed to release summer 2012!

There are rumors about what this console would look like long befoe Ninendo announced anything.  Of all the fake pictures, I think this one was the best...

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